We’re taking our campaign to Downing Street

At Leukaemia Care, we have been campaigning for better financial support for leukaemia, MDS and MPN patients and their families. The next step in our campaign involves going to Downing Street so that our voices are heard by the decision makers.


Published: 14th March 2023

As we approach the spring budget announcement, we have been highlighting the financial impact a leukaemia diagnosis can have on a person and their family. 

For many, the cost of hospital travel and energy bills are significant concerns. This additional tax burden or ‘leukaemia levy’ for those faced with a diagnosis is challenging, particularly during the cost of living crisis.

Our #LeukaemiaLevy campaign has been drawing attention to this issue. To further address these difficulties, we are taking our campaign straight to the doors of decision makers: Downing Street. Leukaemia Care will be sending a letter to the Chancellor and the Prime Minister, hand-delivering the letters to their respective doors on Downing Street.

Mark Tami MP will also be presenting our petition to the House of Commons, asking members to join us in urging the Government to provide more support for leukaemia patients. 

We believe that it is essential to provide more support for leukaemia patients who are facing financial difficulties as a result of their diagnosis. We urge the government to take action and provide the necessary support to help alleviate the financial burden on these patients.

Leukaemia Care’s CEO, Zack Pemberton-Whiteley, commented:

“Many leukaemia patients are facing financial hardship as a result of their diagnosis, hardship which has been exacerbated by the cost-of-living crisis. As the UK’s leading leukaemia charity, we are now taking our #LeukaemiaLevy campaign to Downing Street. We urge the Government to take action to provide greater support for patients and their families. This cannot wait, the economic situation in the UK may improve, but without further support from the Government those affected by a leukaemia diagnosis will continue to be impacted by financial challenges long after the cost of living crisis ends.”

Our campaign is just the beginning, and we hope to continue advocating for leukaemia patients and their families beyond the cost of living crisis.

Do you agree that more financial support is needed for leukaemia patients?

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For more information about our campaign or to get involved, please contact us at campaigns@leukaemiacare.org.uk 


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