Join our #LeukaemiaLevy campaign to help us improve financial support offered to those affected by a leukaemia, MDS or an MPN diagnosis.

The issue

When faced with a diagnosis, many will often think about the impact on a person’s physical or mental health. Whether it’s time off work for treatment causing a loss of wages, increased heating bills to warm through the home to cope with the effects of treatment or inflated food costs to help maintain a well-balanced diet, the financial implications are far and wide. 

These are just some of the hidden costs that come with a leukaemia diagnosis but are often forgotten about. That’s the #LeukaemiaLevy – the hidden tax, the cost of leukaemia, even when you are being treated and cared for by the NHS. Someone who knows only too well the financial impact of a leukaemia diagnosis is Heidi and her family.

Could you afford the #LeukaemiaLevy?

The facts

20% of patients are forced to reduce their working hours following their leukaemia diagnosis

43% of patients have to stop working altogether after diagnosis

More than a quarter of patients lose up to 60% of their monthly income after diagnosis, and 21% receive no income at all

The economic climate and the current cost of living crisis is making things even harder. Between July and September 2022, applications to Leukaemia Care’s hardship fund tripled, with the top three drivers for applications being to help pay for increasing energy bills, hospital travel costs and rising food costs.

We believe

Leukaemia patients and their loved ones deserve more financial support. That is why we’ve launched the #LeukaemiaLevy campaign to raise awareness and secure financial support for those affected by a leukaemia, MDS or an MPN diagnosis. Our campaign is calling for the following:

Further financial support to help leukaemia patients pay for essential living costs like energy bills is needed beyond April 2023. We will also be asking for other means of financial assistance such as reduced costs, discounts or a special tariff, asking energy providers in particular to do more here.

Make a difference

It’s time to act. If there is just one thing you can do today, we ask that you sign our petition and make our voices louder. Just 30 seconds of your time can help us continue supporting leukaemia patients and their families.

Your signature could be the catalyst for collective action and lead to real-life change.


For the latest updates on the campaign for English residents click here.
For the latest updates on the campaign for Scottish residents click here.

Other ways to make a change

Can you help in other ways to spread awareness and call for change?

  • Support our #LeukaemiaLevy campaign further by donating to our Cost of Living Appeal. By making a donation you’ll be helping us provide financial grants to patients and their families to ease the burden of some of their day-to-day costs. 
  • If you or someone you know has experienced financial challenges due to a leukaemia diagnosis, sharing your story can help raise awareness and support others in similar situations. If you are interested in sharing your story, please email campaigns@leukaemiacare.org.uk.

Are you struggling with the rising cost of living and need some support? Visit our cost of living hub for advice here.

If you would like to speak to a member of our support services team, call our helpline for free on 08088 010 444 or email support@leukaemiacare.org.uk.