#LeukaemiaLevy petition

The issue

When faced with a diagnosis, many will often think about the impact on a person’s physical or mental health. Yet a leukaemia diagnosis can have a detrimental impact on the financial situation of patients and their families too. We call this the #LeukaemiaLevy, the extra cost or tax that comes with a diagnosis. As the Cost of Living crisis continues to worsen, patients and their families are struggling even more.

The facts

Of those experiencing a negative financial impact after diagnosis, 88% said this was due to increases in their living costs. This was the reality for Heidi and her family.

“You get a diagnosis. You deal with that. You then deal with the fact that right, I’ve got treatment now. You then deal with the fact that we’re having a cost-of-living crisis, yet there’s no actual help and you have to seek other options to get help”.

Between July and September 2022, applications to Leukaemia Care’s hardship fund tripled and 88.6% of patients who were struggling financially told us they were impacted by an increase in costs since their diagnosis. Heidi and her family has experienced first hand the financial burden of a leukaemia diagnosis.

We believe

More support and financial assistance for leukaemia patients needs to be provided. Urgent action is needed. Could you afford the #LeukaemiaLevy?