Working with the pharmaceutical industry

We work with the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that they take the interests of patients into account when developing new drugs and treatments for blood cancer patients.

Collaborative working and financial support from pharmaceutical companies is so important to allow us to continue our vital work. But we recognise the need for such partnerships to be transparent to ensure that we are able to withstand analysis of our decisions whilst also honouring our freedom to provide care and support to blood cancer patients and their families.

Collaborative working

We work with members of the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that patient views are taken into account during the development and marketing of new drugs and treatments for blood cancer patients. To achieve this, we often work alone or alongside other charities to advise pharmaceutical companies of blood cancer patients’ needs, in an attempt to ensure that they are properly considered.

Pharmaceutical funding

In addition to our patient advisory work, Leukaemia Care receives funding from a wide range of pharmaceutical companies. Any funds received from the pharmaceutical industry are received and dispersed strictly within the guidelines laid down by the ‘ABPI Code of Practice, Clause 24 – Relationships with Patient Organisations’ and Leukaemia Care’s Code of Practice. Our Code of Practice is intended to minimise the impact of any real, potential or perceived conflict of interest that may arise when patient organisations accept financial support from pharmaceutical companies.


We pride ourselves on our independence from any undue pressure or external influence, in particular from the pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to maintaining our independence to the best of our ability and to avoid any support that could adversely impact our reputation. If a company makes any attempt to coerce Leukaemia Care to conform to its marketing agenda, or does not comply to the memorandum of agreement, we will reject the funds or terminate any on-going project. In particular Leukaemia Care will not endorse or promote individual products or services. This fact is made clear to any pharmaceutical company seeking our advice or assistance at the first time of contact. Our Code of Practice is also shared with them at that time.

Additionally, we are committed to being entirely transparent about the funding we receive from pharmaceutical industries.

In total, we received £173,672.27 from the pharmaceutical industry during the 2023 financial year. We would like to thank the following pharmaceutical companies for their support:

AbbVie, Amgen, Autolus, Astellas, AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Gilead, Incyte, Jazz, Kura Oncology, Kyowa Kirin, Novartis, Pleco Therapeutics, Servier and Takeda.

For a breakdown of the amounts received, please see our annual report.