Patient Advocacy Groups

We are involved with a number of organisations and coalitions on your behalf which, through collaborative working, aim to ensure that the collective voice of blood cancer patients is heard.

As part of our campaigning and advocacy work we are involved in a number of organisations and coalitions on behalf of patients, which aim to ensure that the collective voice of cancer patients is heard.

These organisations maximise the combined experience, knowledge and influence of their membership to ensure that the interests of patients are considered across a variety of areas. We are a member of a number of UK, European and global organisations to ensure that the views of blood cancer patients are properly represented in all areas of our work.

Patients involved in NICE

Patients Involved in NICE (PiN) is a coalition of over 80 patient organisations committed to enabling patient groups to engage productively with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). This organisation makes use of the combined knowledge and experience of its membership to ensure that it puts patients, carers and patient groups at the centre of all its work.

Cancer 52

Cancer 52 is a growing alliance of 80 organisations representing the less common cancers. Cancer 52 works to address the inequalities that exist in terms of policy, services and research into the less common cancers (including blood cancers) and to improve outcomes for patients with these highly challenging diseases.

Cancer Influencing Network

Cancer Influencing Network (CIN) is a coalition of over 50 national cancer-related charities representing service providers, research, advocacy and campaigning groups for cancer patients and their families. The aim of the CCG is to campaign for improved cancer policy and services.

European Cancer Patient Coalition

The European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC) is the largest European cancer patients’ organisation, representing nearly 350 associations in 46 countries. The ECPC uniquely represents the interest of cancer patient groups across Europe, from the major to the rarer cancers.

The Worldwide Lymphoma Coalition

The Worldwide Lymphoma Coalition is a global network of not-for-profit organisations, who represent lymphoma patients. The coalition is made up of over 60 member organisations from 45 countries, with a vision of a world free from lymphomas.  

Scottish Cancer Coalition

The Scottish Cancer Coalition (SCC) is a partnership of voluntary organisations dedicated to improving cancer services and outcomes for patients in Scotland. The SCC aims to support and challenge Ministers, Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs), the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland to deliver first-class cancer research, prevention and treatment services.

CML Advocates Network

The Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) Advocates Network is a worldwide network of more than 80 non-profit organisations supporting patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia. It was set up to enable the sharing of best practice and up-to-date information amongst patient advocates across the world.

MPN Advocates Network

Leukaemia Care is a founder member of the MPN Advocates Network which started in 2013 by representatives from several myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN) patient support groups with a common goal of enhancing MPN patient care. It provides a platform for joint activity and the sharing of best practice and available information on current treatments, technologies and research results.

Acute Leukemia Advocates Network (ALAN)

ALAN is an independent global network of patient organisations, dedicated to changing outcomes of patients with acute leukemias. It aims to build capacity in the members of the network to deliver tailored services to acute leukemia patients and carers on the national level, while joining forces between organisations on the policy and research level across countries.

CLL Advocates Network

Blood Cancer Alliance

The Blood Cancer Alliance is a group of UK charities with a focus on blood cancer. Blood cancers are the fifth most common type of adult cancer, the most common cancer amongst children and the third most fatal cancer. Together, we are working to tackle the issues blood cancer patients face, and improve the experience and outcomes of all those living with blood cancer.