Well-being workshop

At home well-being workshop that is suitable for all abilities, take in some wellbeing goodness with our friendly experts.

25 April 2023

Watch our well-being workshop where we are joined by Occupational Therapist, Chair Yoga Teacher & Life Coach and MacMillan’s Move More Lead to bring you a physical and mental wellbeing session at home.

Our experts will be demonstrating wellbeing practises that can have a positive impact on symptoms such as fatigue, sleep issues, stress, and anxiety. Click on the video above to tune in now.


Videos about diet

Do you ever wonder just how much pasta is the right amount? Or how many portions are in a punnet of grapes? Trying to maintain a balanced diet can be difficult, especially when you're being treated for, or recovering from, leukaemia. So, we've created a brand new video where we've simplified Public Health England's guidelines on portion sizes.

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