Thank you for your support

We want to say thank you to everyone who went spotty, shared their stories and spread the word about #SpotLeukaemia this Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

Informed by our ‘Living with Leukaemia’ report, the Spot Leukaemia campaign aimed to tackle two issues that could be contributing to a delay in leukaemia diagnosis:

1. A lack of understanding in the public that leukaemia is a cancer of the blood that affects people of all ages.

2. A need for greater awareness of the signs and symptoms of leukaemia in both the public and primary healthcare professionals.

And your response to the Spot Leukaemia campaign and the call to action have been phenomenal!


11 football clubs passing on the Spot Leukaemia message.

17 spotty cakes baked in the Leukaemia Care office bake off.

104 patient names being displayed in Paternoster Square for the #MakeBloodCancerVisible campaign that our patients were involved with.

571 Facebook profile pictures supporting Spot Leukaemia

+£4,000 raised at spotty fundraising events.

6,500 Spot Leukaemia awareness ribbons proudly worn.

10,000 GPs receiving Spot Leukaemia packs.

14,000 symptoms cards distributed.

403,310 views on Spot Leukaemia videos.

1.6 million people reached by a single thunderclap message.

Over 3 million people reached on social media just by Leukaemia Care during Spot Leukaemia – because of you this number will be much higher!


This has been the biggest blood cancer awareness month campaign at Leukaemia Care and it’s all down to you! Families, patients, carers, members of the public, healthcare professionals, MPs, football clubs, pharmaceutical companies, blood cancer charities, patient advocates and many more have all come together to help people #SpotLeukaemia and save lives by early diagnosis.

Just because BCAM 2017 is over does not mean our work stops here. The Spot Leukaemia social media pages and videos will all remain active throughout the year and our work in other areas continues – keep your eyes peeled for our December campaign and find other ways to get involved at Leukaemia Care.

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