Please consider donating to Leukaemia Care during this time

We're adapting to the changing world to ensure we can provide our services to those who need us.

Dear supporter,

As you can imagine we’ve been rushed off our feet over the last few weeks. We’ve seen a huge increase in the support requests through our helpline and advocacy services, as we try to transition these services to be delivered from home. You’ll also may have seen that we’ve rearranged any in person events, such as patient information days and local support groups into webinars and virtual meetings until the end of June. And we’re now planning how to adapt to a reduced fundraising ability over the coming months.

2019 was an existing year for Leukaemia Care, as we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our registration as a charity. As part of this we launched a number of new services, rolled out our biggest ever ‘Spot Leukaemia’ awareness campaign and took part in a number of key initiatives, such as being one of the Telegraph’s three Christmas appeal charities.

The patients we support cannot afford to wait, they need our support right now. We have a revised strategic plan to further expand the support, advocacy and information we can offer patients and their families – through the current situation and beyond. As part of this we will be expanding some of our core services and delivering a number of new ones in order to address the unmet needs of patients focusing on early diagnosis, access to the latest treatments and the practical impact of leukaemia, including the emotional, financial burden on patients and their families.

Any donations are appreciated during this very difficult time. Thank you.


The Leukaemia Care team


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