Harry: four year old donates money raised from first haircut to Leukaemia Care

Thanks to Harry, more people living with leukaemia will get the support they need this year.

At the end of last year, a little boy had his first ever proper haircut and through this growth, and cut, has raised money for Leukaemia Care.

Harry, who is four and a half, had never had his hair cut before but wanted to make his first cut extra special and memorable by raising money through sponsorship and donations for charity. In waiting years to have this first haircut, Harry’s hair was over 12inches long meaning it was able to be cut, saved, and sent off to The Little Princess Trust who use it to make real hair wigs which are offered to every child and young person experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment.

The family chose Leukaemia Care as they themselves have a very sad leukaemia connection. Harry’s Auntie Johanne died from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) when she was just three years old. The money raised for Leukaemia Care from this momentous haircut of Harry’s is in Johanne’s memory. Infact, Harry’s brother is named Joseph in Johanne’s memory.

Harry, who is from King’s Lynn, has been growing his hair all his life, having never previously visited a hairdresser, and was ready for his special haircut at the end of last year. Due to all the years of growth he’s able to have over a foot of hair cut, meaning he can help a second charity with Little Princess Trust using his hair to make their real hair wigs for other children losing their hair.

The haircut took place on 29th December after Harry’s Mum Helen had hoped that he would have a special role in the school nativity before his haircut!

After the inaugural chop, Harry was left feeling and looking very different, but equally very happy.

Harry said of his haircut:

“It felt funny when they bunched it up and I felt sad when the lady cut it but I know it’s going to help poorly children to make them feel good. And I raised lots of money… how much money did I get?”

Harry has raised over £350 for Leukaemia Care so far. If you would like to donate to Harry’s first haircut fundraiser, there’s still time, click here.

Harry’s Mum Helen said of the cause and cut:

“We chose to raise money for Leukaemia Care because we lost Johanne to the disease when she was just three, for the life she had taken and the child my parents lost, we believe the charity is so important for the support it gives. I once read to lose a child is to lose part of yourself and as a mother anything I, or we as a family, can do to support other people with what we have, we will. This will not be the last fundraiser! Johanne lives on through her nieces and nephews and I hope she’s proud of Harry’s determination for his hair growth and cut.”

Inspired by Harry and want to fundraise for Leukaemia Care?

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