Wrestling fundraising ideas

Turning a passion into pounds will make you the King of the fundrais-ring (get it?).

In late October 2018, Joe Anoaʻi aka WWE’s champion Roman Reigns announced to the world that his leukaemia had returned and he would be taking a break from the squared circle to commence treatment.

Since that announcement, a number of wrestling fans have approached the charity to ask how they can support Leukaemia Care. There are many ways that you can incorporate sports entertainment into your fundraisers whilst raising awareness of leukaemia at the same time.

24-hour wrestling marathon

This is a slobberknocker of a challenge! Gather your mates together and ask friends and family to sponsor you when you take on a 24-hour wrestling viewing challenge. How about choosing a selection of Royal Rumble matches and watch them back to back? (We’d choose 1997 – 1999, as a start, but we’ll leave the hard decisions up to you). You could blog or live tweet throughout the challenge, sharing your fundraising page in the process and letting others fans know what a great thing you are doing.

Predict the outcome of each Wrestlemania match

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Dave Meltzer? For each wrestling fan you know, get them to wager £5 and predict the outcome on every match for this years card. The person with the most predictions correct at the end of the night gets to keep half of the money, with the other half going to charity. If you need a tie breaker, why not predict the length of time the main event will air for, or predict the finish for the main event? If you want official sheets for people to enter this challenge, let us know and we’ll get them designed up.

Virtual PPV

Twitch gives you the power to create fundraising events from your own home. Why not create an event on GivePenny which will see you play a wrestling themed game. You could create a PPV in a game or hold a virtual Royal Rumble competition. If you were feeling retro, why not break out an older wrestling game and play with some classic characters. If you have your own discord, you could work together to put together your own Wrestlemania weekend complete with different virtual fundraising events across a weekend. We’d recommend GivePenny to fundraise with – this means that people can donate to you as you stream.

Wrestling themed fancy dress

Who doesn’t love fancy dress? Dig out that pink vest and sunglasses and turn yourself into the Hitman himself, Bret Hart. A kilt and a white t-shirt could turn you into Rowdy Roddy Piper. If you wanted an even easier costume, cut the arms off a white shirt, add a black tie and hey presto – you’re a member of Right to Censor (hello year 2000!). If you’re holding a fancy dress party, why not ask for donations from friends and award a prize for the best winner. Money raised could go to the charity and a Slammy award could be given to the best costume on the night.

Arm wrestling competition

While we’d never encourage people to try wrestling at home, why not try an arm wrestling competition? You don’t need the arms of Scott Steiner to be crowned the winner (although it might help!).

This would work for particularly large groups, for example in college or university where you can have multiple rounds to crown your eventual winner. Charge everyone an entrance fee, accept small wagers on the winner and raise vital funds to support blood cancer patients.

Bucket collection at a live event

We were delighted to be contacted by a professional wrestling promotion who have held bucket collections at their recent shows, raising almost £800. Bucket collections can be a really quick way to raise money and awareness. To organise a bucket collection, it’s best to contact your local wrestling promotion and ask if it is something they are interested in doing or supporting. Gather up some friends and fill those buckets. We can supply you with the materials to make your bucket collection as successful as possible.


Slightly more successful than The Shockmaster’s entrance in 1994 anyway.

Shockmaster GIF


If you have an idea for an event, we’re on hand to make it a Stone Cold success.

There’s No Chance In Hell that you’ll be left to do all the organising yourself. Our fundraising team is always on hand with tips, ideas and bags of support. We have materials available to ensure everything goes smoothly – from bucket labels to collection tins, posters, banners and flyers and much more…

To contact our fundraising team, simple email fundraising@leukaemiacare.org.uk or give us a call on 01905 755977.


If you are unable to fundraise for us…


That’s fine! We’re delighted you’ve been interested enough to read this blog. If you can’t raise money then raise awareness. Information on our #SpotLeukaemia campaign can be found on our website here and we always appreciate a retweet on twitter or a share on Facebook.




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