Valentine’s Day love

On Valentine's Day, we're looking back at some of the wonderful couples who have been involved with the charity since its creation 50 years ago.

In today’s Throwback Thursday we would like to wish a happy Valentine’s day to all the couples who have been involved with Leukaemia Care in the past, as well as the present. Being surrounded by love can be extremely important during diagnosis and treatment of a blood cancer, whether this be from your partner, family and friends or the kindness of strangers such as the staff and patients involved with Leukaemia Care.

Since more people get married on February 14th – St. Valentine’s day- than any other specific date in the year, here are a few heart-warming wedding photos and love stories of some of the couples that have been involved with Leukaemia Care since it was first registered as a charity 50 years ago.

Penelope and Christopher featured in “Leukaemia Care Society Newsletter” when they married in 1989. Penelope who was diagnosed leukaemia 17 years prior to this, was supported by Leukaemia Care during its early stages. She went on to become a phlebotomist at same City General Hospital in Newcastle where she was first treated when she was 8 years old!

Jonathan and Rosemary also married in the summer of 1989 after Jonathan was diagnosed with leukaemia in 1981.

In this particular “Leukaemia Care Society Newsletter”, Jonathan’s mother recalled a particular incident which brought her to tears: Jonathan was presented with a bottle of port soon after he was diagnosed, by a dear friend, Mrs George, who was also ill with cancer. She said: “You and I will drink this together on your 21st birthday”. On Jonathan’s 21st, when asked where the port was, he said that Mrs George wasn’t there because she was too ill, and so he didn’t intend to open it.

Two years later, halfway through the wedding reception, Jonathan produced the bottle of port and asked Mrs George to open it so that they could drink it together- seven years after she had given it to him!

During the wedding, the couple also raised a considerable amount of money for Leukaemia Care.

Brian turned to the support of Leukaemia Care in the summer of 1985 after the relapsing with Hodgkin’s Disease. “I was introduced to Bill Flood, who was my local contact. Although Bill, at that time was only a voice at the other end of a telephone, he gave me a completely new air of confidence about how to face my treatment and how to face up to the disease itself.”

Leukaemia Care wasn’t the only source of support throughout Brian’s illness and he married Mary in March 1986.

Janet met Paul while she was recovering from a bone marrow transplant in the year 2000.

Speaking to Leukaemia Care in 2002, Janet made the point that when they met, she had no hair and was understandably not looking her best. But the pair fell in love and went on to marry in October 2001. This photo of them both looking wonderful offers hope to all being treated, especially if they’re single!

Mr and Mrs Liz Dorman married in August 1990.

Liz Dorman acted as Leukaemia Care area Secretary for Tayside for much of the 1980’s and 90’s.

Before the helpline and our national support groups system, Area Secretaries such as Mrs Dorman volunteered tirelessly to support patients and families in their constituency, reassuring enquirers on the telephone, listening to people who need to share their hurt with someone who understands their feelings and by giving practical help on welfare rights.

Dawn and Dean married abroad in Sorrento, in 2005.  After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in March 2005, Dawn and her then boyfriend, Dean started attending a Leukaemia Care support group in Liverpool which she said helped them both come to terms with the diagnosis.

Dean organised a white-collar boxing night in 2006 which raised over £5,000, a large chunk of which was donated to their local Leukaemia Care support group. A second night in the same year raised over £6,000!

Rosemary married Ron in the summer of 2013.

Rosemary was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia (ET) and Myelofibrosis (MF) and was helped by the Careline at Leukaemia Care prior to her marriage. After recovering she became a volunteer for the Careline herself.

Chanelle and Ben married in 2011. Chanelle had leukaemia 11 years prior to this and so during their wedding, they asked guests to donate to their JustGiving page in aid of Leukaemia CARE, raising over £4,000 on their big day!

Charity wedding favours

Perhaps these romantic wedding pictures have inspired you to give something back to help support blood cancer patients on your own wedding day.

When planning your big day, wedding favours are often a topic of debate and can sometimes be seen as a needless waste of money, done purely for the sake of tradition. Why not use your wedding favours as a way of donating to us on your wedding day? It’s a way of sticking to traditions while at the same time helping a worthwhile cause to support those affected by blood cancer.

Learn more about Leukaemia Care’s wedding favours here.

Or simply give us a call on 01905 755 977 or email and let us know when your big day is.

Support for the family

When somebody is diagnosed with a blood cancer, the whole family can be affected.

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