Patient Perspective – Lockdown and the vaccine

In her latest blog, our resident patient blogger Vickie talks about how she’s getting on in lockdown, and her experience of having her first COVID-19 vaccination.

Hi all, it’s me with my blog. I just want to let everyone know I am doing okay considering we are in another lockdown and having to stay in. I have two children and a husband to keep me busy, plus my two dogs. One happens to be a big puppy as well, so he is a handful. He is worth it. I can imagine people who live alone, however, struggling to keep bus, as there is only so much you can do to be honest. Even though I am busy, it’s the same day in, day out and it does get tedious.

I have tried doing some of my drawing again. The only reason I stopped was due to the cramps and pain in my hands due the chemo tablets I take. I would get so far and then it would hurt. However, I have tried drawing again, but I take it slow and easy. When my hands hurt, I stop and rest them. I have also been in the garden as I love pottering about in there as well – when we have a day that doesn’t rain or snow, that is. I love watching movies too, so I watch them with my family. I also train my puppy during the day.

I hope you have found something new to do, or maybe re-kindled your old hobbies you once did? Taking a short walk is also good for you; getting fresh air is the best. You don’t need to be with anyone, just on your own, or your family. I am a sociable creature, so I miss mixing with my friends and going shopping, or for a pub lunch. So that does get me down, not being able to do the things that were once normal. Hopefully, if everyone listens and sticks to the rules, we will be out of lockdown soon.

Also, I have had my first COVID-19 injection. I will admit, when I heard about the vaccine, I wasn’t interested or keen at all. In fact, I refused. I said, “I will not be having that injection; how can they get an injection so soon?” I was negative towards having it, but when they offered it to me, I thought completely different. I admitted to myself, I do have blood cancer, a very serious condition that we should all take seriously no matter how healthy we may be. We should always look after ourselves.

I hate needles, believe it or not. I have had blood tests every eight weeks for the last 11 years now. In fact, it was my Cancerversary date on 29th January 2021, two days before my son’s 14th birthday. It brought back a lot of painful memories, but I celebrated with a rose champagne that I am still alive. I turned it round from a negative experience into a positive one.

Oh, the COVID-19 injection did not hurt at the time, but my arm felt a bit sore throughout the day. Other than that, I have had no other side effects. I am now waiting for my second injection. I am so glad I had it done.

I hope my fellow leukaemia patients, family and friends are taking care of themselves in these hard days.

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