Patient Perspective – It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Vickie, our resident patient blogger, is back with her December blog. Here, she talks about how she’s looking forward to Christmas more than ever this year.

It’s that time of year again—it’s Christmas. I’m so excited, I become a big kid. I love all the decorations, the trees, the shop windows filled with tinsel and loads of different colours.

I love the build up to Christmas as well. Going shopping—who doesn’t like shopping? I love it. I don’t like the crowds though, so I try to avoid busy times. When it’s less busy as well, you can take more notice of the Christmas decorations, the trees and the gifts to buy for family and friends.

I think Christmas brings people together, especially after this year with COVID-19. We need celebrations, and what better way than to celebrate Christmas.

My tree is up and I have wrapped my presents, because if I don’t, my children will see what they are having for Christmas, as I have nowhere to hide them. The presents are around my tree and it looks so warm and cosy. I cannot wait to see my children open their presents on the big day. I also have wrapped up my two dogs’ Christmas presents and I’m sure they know what they have as they keep sniffing them.

I’m having my dad over for dinner and more present opening. (He is also washing up). This will be my third Christmas without my mom; she lost her battle with lung cancer. My mom loved Christmas—we would go out together and spend, and spend. We would rest by having a coffee and a cake. It was really special. I know she is there watching over me and I always make my Christmas’ special and exciting with my family and friends.

I will be eating mince pies, cakes, chocolate and anything I else I fancy. I will worry about the pounds I pile on in the New Year. Christmas is about enjoying the time spent with loved ones, whether it will be family or friends. We need to look after one another. Make sure your neighbour is ok, and use that Christmas spirit to help others in a good way. Even a smile can go a long way.

I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a lovely New Year.

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