Lana Dales: Running for a cause

What were your plans when you turned 18? Lana decided she wanted to celebrate hers in style by running the London Marathon for Leukaemia Care as the youngest runner in this year’s event!

When I cross the finish line, I know there will be a double celebration on the cards. Turning 18 the day before the London Marathon means I have entered as this year’s youngest runner, and there is no other achievement quite like it!

My parents are my biggest inspiration. Both being marathon fanatics themselves, I knew I wanted to follow in their footsteps to take on the challenge.

I started running when I was eight years old for a running club in Lincolnshire. I moved to Hertfordshire four years ago, still with my passion for running, and now excelling in local park runs in the area.  

My love of running has led me here, taking part in the world’s largest marathon event. From doing park runs to the marathon, my motivation has always been fuelled by doing what I enjoy. But recently, running for a special cause is what will get me to the finish line.

I am running for Leukaemia Care as I lost my grandad to acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). His story is a hard and courageous one. We lost a close family friend to leukaemia recently too, so it’s something we all know a little too well. 

Too many families have been through what we have, so knowing I can do my bit to help where I can is what it’s all about. 

My dad will be running his fourth Marathon alongside me this year, and I know a triple celebration will be in order if I beat him!

I am excited to be amongst the crowd of runners; my parents have always told me how electric the atmosphere is and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

To those who are frightened to take the plunge, the best piece of advice I can give you is to just go for it. Put no pressure on yourself and enjoy it – 1000s of others are feeling the same as you!

Here’s how we fared in this year’s London Marathon…

  • 115 runners made it to the finish line
  • Jonathan Powers was our fastest overall runner, completing the race in a whopping 02:42:47!
  • Georgianna Lucy was this year’s top fundraiser, raising an incredible £17,225!
  • Overall, we raised an incredible XX!

Thank you to all who took part – we are super proud to have you on #TeamLC. 

Looking for a challenge?

The London Marathon is truly an event everyone should experience; it brings people, charities and communities across the globe together, all working with a common goal in mind. 

However, if running isn’t for you, replace trainers with pom poms and spur on #TeamLC from the sidelines by becoming a member of our Cheer Squad. There’s no preparation required, all we ask is you bring your loudest voice and heaps of enthusiasm on the day.

Want to find out more? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator by emailing them at or calling on 07534 072 332

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