Halloween fundraising at home

Get your fangs stuck into these horrifying Halloween ideas that you can try at home!

Whilst Halloween may look a little different this year, there’s no reason why you still can’t have a terrifyingly good time!

If you’d like to make this Halloween count, why not try one of our fundraising ideas from the comfort of your home?

During these difficult times, blood cancer patients need support now more than ever. Any money you raise will mean we can continue to be there for all those affected by blood cancer.

Here are some fang-tastically fun ideas you can get stuck into:

Get quizzical

A simple way to fundraise this October is to set up a virtual Halloween quiz with friends and family! This can be done via many of your favourite video calling apps, such as FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.

You could do a round on the works of famous horror novelists like Stephen King and Mary Shelley, or perhaps one on the origins of Halloween. You could also do a ‘guess who’ picture round with photos of famous horror movie villains and monsters. The ideas are endless!

If you need help with questions, or help with the technological side, get in touch with us using the details at the end of this blog.

We also have a blog on setting up video calls, which you can read here.

Brave the scary shave

Head shaves are a timeless fundraising activity, but they’re certainly not for the faint-hearted, which makes the head shave a perfect Halloween fundraiser!

Here’s how you can set up a head shave:

  1. Pick a date.
  2. Set up an online giving page on a platform like JustGiving.
  3. Organise for someone in your household or support bubble to shave your head.
  4. Take before and after photos.
  5. Post your head shave, or stream it live, on your social media so friends and family can join in and donate.

Blood-curdling bake-off

The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens, so why not give baking a go? Get a group to each bake a spooky treat, take some photos and score each other’s creations! Each person could pay a small fee to enter, with the winner getting a small cash prize and the rest donated to Leukaemia Care and very much appreciated!

Alternatively, you could bake batches of Halloween-themed cakes, get family and friends to place their orders for a price, then drop them off on their doorsteps – a perfect way to raise funds in a socially-distanced way!

Horror movie-a-thon or read-a-thon

If you’re a fan of horror films or books, why not get friends and family to sponsor you to watch or read as many as you can in a set time?

Try watching 24 hours of horror movies, or aim to read ten horror books before Halloween; whatever you think would be the most challenging way to take part in a horror-fest!

Guess the name of the terrifying toy

Another tried and tested fundraiser, this would usually involve something like a cuddly bear, but for this one you’ll need something a little scarier.

Utilise your social media contacts to play guess the name of the soft toy. They pay a small fee to enter and pick from 20 possible names (for example), and the winner wins the toy! The money paid then goes towards supporting blood cancer patients.

Donate your trick or treat

This a simple yet effective way to show your support – simply donate the money you would have spent on treats this year to a deserving cause.

Spooky mask-making competition

Face masks are an important part of supressing the spread of COVID-19, but who can make the scariest? Run a competition amongst your friends, get them to donate a small fee to Leukaemia Care for their entry, and have fun making them!

Haunted house competition

Friendly with your neighbours? Decorate the outside of your houses and have a spooky walk around to judge the scariest house, just ask everyone to pay a small fee to enter.

Alarming apple bobbing

We can’t deny apple bobbing is hilarious to watch! Why not host a little online event and stream you and your family apple bobbing for charity live on social media?

Petrifying pumpkin carving competition

Who doesn’t enjoy carving a pumpkin on Halloween? Turn it into a fundraising activity by challenging friends and family to a carving competition. Simply organise a little prize for the winner and get everyone to pay an entry fee to be donated to Leukaemia Care, then all you have to do is get to work carving your design! May the best carver win…

Interested in one of these ideas? Get in touch! We can help make your socially-distanced challenge a success.

Simply email our Fundraising Team on fundraising@leukaemiacare.org.uk and do something amazing for blood cancer patients this October.

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