General Election result vs Leukaemia Care’s manifesto

With the 2024 general election over, Charlotte, Leukaemia Care's Policy and Evidence Manager shares how we plan to work with the future government to improve early diagnosis rates of cancers like leukaemia and improve cancer care.

Webpage last updated on: 5th July 2024

Labour will form the next UK Government

Whatever your political persuasion, whatever your feelings about the result, it’s a useful moment of reflection. A change at the top represents an opportunity to change the conversation on the topics that matter to us all. Of course, what matters to us here at Leukaemia Care is that all leukaemia, MPN and MDS patients get the care they need. So we will take hold of this new opportunity.  

I’m thrilled to share that 395 prospective politicians will now be more aware of the specific needs and challenges of leukaemia patients thanks to all of our supporters who took the time to send Leukaemia Care’s manifesto to your local prospective parliamentary candidates. Politicians have the same knowledge and biases as the rest of the public when it comes to cancer; that most people are treated, then cured, then go back to “normal” life. In reality, cancer is very individual, and something we hear all the time from the patients we support in hospitals but also via our support services. Below are the responses we received back from the parliamentary candidates in response to our manifesto.

Feedback from parliamentary candidates 

By over 80 people sending Leukaemia Care’s manifesto letter we’ve made parliamentary candidates know that diagnosis rates for cancers like leukaemia and wider cancer care need to be addressed as a matter of urgency. 

Quotes from the parliamentary candidates in response to our manifesto:  

“Thank you for reaching out to share your personal story and the important #LeukaemiaManifesto by Leukaemia Care. I deeply appreciate you taking the time to highlight the critical issues faced by those diagnosed with leukaemia.

Leukaemia, affecting individuals of all ages, indeed requires greater awareness and a focused approach to ensure every patient receives the care they deserve. [My party] is committed to addressing health disparities and supporting comprehensive care for all cancer patients.”

“Thank you so much for writing to me. If I am elected as your MP on 4th July, working to improve cancer outcomes will be a top priority for me in Parliament.

It’s such a cruel illness and, whether directly or indirectly, impacts so many of us, so I want to see everything possible being done to prevent cancer and to give those who are diagnosed the best available treatment, care and support – wherever they live in the country.”

“Thank you for getting in touch. Having recently supported a elderly relative through their end of life when they had cancer, including a form of Leukaemia that caused issues in treatment, I have seen how good joined-up care is vital, and how pushed our services are.

We need to work to prevent all forms of cancer and to give those who are diagnosed the best available treatment, care and support – wherever they live in the country.

I support the campaign of Leukaemia Care and would do so as an elected MP.”

Next steps for Leukaemia Care’s manifesto  

We at Leukaemia Care will write to the health ministers to introduce ourselves and our asks. We have campaigns for each of our manifesto asks, so we will start by introducing the new ministers to our manifesto, so they are prepared when we come to them with our campaigns and solutions further down the line. For example, it will give us an excellent opportunity to build up their interest for our latest #myCNSmatters report.  We will not stop campaigning on the issues in our manifesto until they are resolved.

Feeling like you want to do more?  

Whilst Leukaemia Care and other charities can use their platform to speak up for patients, nothing is more powerful than sharing your personal experience and inspiring people to action. Become a campaigner and be the first to find out about opportunities and topics to discuss with your local decision makers.

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