December Fundraising: Highlighting our community

2023 has been full of Snow Much Love from our fundraisers! Check out some of the things our community did to fundraise for those living with leukaemia...

As the year comes to a close, it is an honor to wrap up by reflecting on some of the people who have helped us generate funds in the final month of 2023, so that we can continue providing help and resources to those living with leukaemia. December was a month of brilliantly diverse fundraising, as well as the launch of our Snow Much Love Winter Appeal, where we have been lucky enough to see our community come together even in these tough times to give to those who are in need. It has been wonderful reading the reasons for each donation, and seeing how our work as a charity provides a vessel to helping others who are in a similar situation to you and /or keeping the memory of your loved one alive.

A huge thank you and well done to every single fundraiser of 2023, whether you ran a marathon, baked a cake, or held a birthday fundraiser. We are so grateful for your continued support; check out some of the awesome December fundraisers below, and we cannot wait to see all the creative ways you will fundraise in 2024!


Guys Birthday fundraiser

Guy was diagnosed with APML and was faced with the challenges of adjusting to his new life post diagnosis. He received help from the team here at Leukaemia Care on how he can best manage his new normal. Since Guy’s diagnosis he is now in remission, but to his gratitude to those who helped him during his time in need lead to him dedicating his birthday to doing a fundraiser for Leukaemia Care, which saw smash his £500 target and raise an incredible £1,349!


Sooshies spectacular stream

A streamer by the name Sooshies has been an active supporter of Leukaemia Care, and continues to raise incredible amounts so we can keep supporting our patients. Sooshies most recent stream raised £3,287.45, bringing their overall total to £16,400 so far!


Iris’ Birthday fundraiser

Iris has been living with Leukaemia for 10 years, and she requested that instead of receiving gifts for her raised 90th Birthday her loved ones should instead make a donation to her birthday fundraiser. Iris’ fundraiser raised an incredible £260 in support of Leukaemia Care and those affected by a Leukaemia diagnosis.


Bibury Trout Farm

Bibury Trout Farm in the Cotswolds held a fundraiser in support of their chef who is in remission after receiving a leukaemia diagnosis. Their fundraiser went on to raise £761.60, and will go towards helping those who are living with leukaemia here in the UK.


Want to support us in 2024 and beyond?

Help us get our 2024 fundraising off to a strong start by donating in support of those living with leukaemia HERE.


When you’re a part of #TeamLC the fun doesn’t stop with Fundraising, and there are plenty of ways you can get involved to make a true impact on those living with leukaemia. You can take on a challenge and push yourself to the limits, stick to what you know and turn your hobby into a fundraiser, or simply become a volunteer to help us spread awareness about leukaemia.

Want to find out more? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator by emailing them at or if you’re looking to put the FUN in fundraising drop us a line on

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