Leukaemia Chatters from Leukaemia Care is the latest launch from the team to ensure that you can get the information you need

Leukaemia Care now has its own podcast!

Leukaemia Chatters is published once or twice and month and will cover a range of topics from information on a specific leukaemia type to an issue that leukaemia patients face.

As well as being hosted on SoundCloud, the podcast is available on iTunes, CastBox, Spotify. – in fact, you can find us on all good podcast providers. To find the podcast, search Leukaemia Care.

Make sure to subscribe to ensure that you never miss an episode. It would be great if you could leave a review too.

We’d love you to feature on a future episode of the podcast. If you’re interested, please email communications@leukaemiacare.org.uk.