Useful links on exercise

Returning to a “normal” life can see you reintroducing exercise into your daily routine. The following links contain excellent resources about exercise during and post treatment for a blood cancer.

How physical activity can benefit you before and after treatment –


Exercise guidelines for cancer patients

Exercise guidelines for cancer patients –

Exercise guide from the Lymphoma Association –

Physical activity during cancer treatment –

The benefits of exercise for cancer patients –


Exercise to help ease fatigue –

Moderate Activity

What is moderate activity?


Swimming with a central line –

Neutropenia and swimming –

Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy –

Exercise guides

Exercises for Myeloma patients – 

Exercise warm up video –

Cardio exercises –

Strength and endurance –

Cool down –

Safety and exercise

Making sure you’re safe when you’re active –

Stem Cell Transplants

Exercise after a stem cell transplant –


Published: Aug 2017

Next planned review: Aug 2019