Shared patient experiences

The voices behind #LifeVsLivelihood campaign

“I am fed up with fighting to keep myself safe.”

“My employer has rejected two access to work proposals because they
did not want to do the paperwork that was involved once a month.”

“I do not want to be at work as I do not feel safe. I used to feel positive about my work but this is really getting me down.”


“I asked for support due to my health, again I was told I can’t be treated differently from other people in the office as it would look like I have “favourite treatment” within the team.”

“I was made to feel that I was less committed to my work because I have leukaemia (although I’ve never had a day off sick in 4 years!)”

“I can’t put into words really how much strain and stress this puts on me, it’s hard enough functioning on a daily basis without the added pressures of [my] employer not supporting their staff.”


“With regard to the redundancy side of things, I can’t honestly say if it was due to my illness or not, as the company made a lot of redundancies at all their sites. To be honest though I don’t know how these were caused by COVID-19 as they kept working right through the pandemic. I had a lot of time off due to my illness but I honestly can’t be sure.”