Leaving a gift in your will to Leukaemia Care

A gift in your will could amount to more than you could ever imagine, learn more about the difference you could make.

Why leave a gift to Leukaemia Care?

Talking about Wills can make us feel uncomfortable. According to statistics released in 2017, six out of ten Britons do not have a Will. Many people assume that when the day comes, family and friends will be able to decide what happens to the assets. Sadly, this may not be the case.

If you are on this hub, we hope that you may consider leaving a legacy to Leukaemia Care in your will when you make one, or when you choose to update your Will.

A gift of just 1% will make a real difference to supporting our charitable work.

Leave a lasting legacy that will support anybody affected by a leukaemia diagnosis long into the future.

Quite simply, we cannot do what we do without your help. It’s the kindness, compassion and selflessness of people who have left money in their Wills which allows us to support anybody affected by a blood cancer year after year.

Each year, approximately 10,000 people will be told they have a leukaemia. That’s one person every twenty minutes. We are here for them all.

Fantastic treatments are being developed for leukaemias. This means there are more and more people living with a blood cancer, beyond a blood cancer and the wider effects of treatment. Once a person is affected by a blood cancer, they can reach out to Leukaemia Care and receive support until they no longer need us. Some people are a part of our charity until their final days.

In the future, we hope there is a world without blood cancers like leukaemias. However, until that day comes, we need to be there for anybody that is affected by this diagnosis. We will continue to work with health care professionals to raise awareness of the disease at its early stages. We will also continue to research and develop support services which are tailored to the needs of patients and their loved ones.

Without Government or lottery funding, Leukaemia Care is reliant on fundraisers to keep these vital services going. In 2017, legacies represented approximately 20% of all of our funding.

The future we WILL create together

The most wonderful gift you can make to support these people, won’t cost you a penny in your lifetime. Your legacy is our future.

£100 could fund sessions of counselling for a leukaemia patient or one of their loved ones.

£200 could help provide hardship funds to patients and families that need financial support after a diagnosis.

£400 could help fund our counselling fund, providing counselling sessions to leukaemia patients and those who love them.

£1,000 could enable us to give financial support to five families via a one-off grant.

The impact of a legacy

Your gift will help us to help more and more people affected by a Leukaemia diagnosis, like Katie: