Consider making a regular gift to Leukaemia Care

A regular gift allows us to plan how we can continue to support leukaemia patients and their loved ones in the future.

Leukaemia Care is reliant on donations to continue to offer care and support to those affected by a blood cancer diagnosis. Our hope is that one day we are living in a world where leukaemia has been cured. However, until that day comes, we are here to offer emotional, practical and financial support to those affected and their loved ones. 

When you choose to make a regular gift to Leukaemia Care, you help us to plan ahead and make long-term decisions on how best to support patients and those who love them. Many forms of donation income are unpredictable and can fluctuate on a monthly basis but this source of regular income provides a steady stream that we can rely on. 

Regular gifts allow us to:

  • Offer hospital travel funds to patients who need help in attending their vital medical appointments
  • Offer counselling to those who have been affected by a leukaemia diagnosis – for example, those who have been bereaved or to support couples through an incredibly difficult time 
  • Offer free online training to nurses to enable them to learn about the latest developments in the world of blood cancer
  • Provide blood cancer patients with up-to-date information booklets about their diagnosis and treatment, as well as funding our nurse-led helpline where patients can ask any questions about what lays ahead 

How can I set up a regular gift? 

There are two ways to make a regular gift to Leukaemia Care

  1. Click the donate button at the top of this website. This will then take you to our donation portal where you have the option to make a one-off gift or set-up a regular monthly amount which will be processed by Leukaemia Care. If you are gift-aid eligible, please tick this box as this will increase your monthly gift by 25%. 
  2. You can set up a standing order through your bank directly to Leukaemia Care. If you would like our bank account details, simply email or give the team a ring on 01905 755977 and we would be delighted to talk you through the process.