Live Streaming fundraising

Using Twitch or Mixer, you can turn a hobby into a fundraising event for Leukaemia Care

Did you know that the online streaming platform Twitch has more than 15 million users daily and users on the platform have raised over $30 million for charities worldwide? 

If you’re a keen gamer, you can use your hobby to raise money for Leukaemia Care. Simply connect your Twitch account with an online fundraising platform and you’re all set to turn gaming hours into cash for charity. 

There a number of challenges you could do – or you could make up your own

  • Hold a streaming marathon – could you host a livestream for 12 or 24 hours playing a variety of games?
  • Could you be sponsored to hit in-game milestones – unbeaten streaks, unlocking certain features or perfect scores within a level may be a way of supercharging your fundraising
  • How about an online tournament with mates? 

There are also personal benefits to running a fundraising session for Leukaemia Care which includes

  • The opportunity to get your channel seen by new streamers
  • partnership with a nationally recognised charity 
  • The knowledge that your efforts will support leukaemia patients and their families 

Top tips for making your event a success

  • Work with the Leukaemia Care team for promoting your streaming event. We can use our social media platforms to promote what is happening and we might even drop in to see your event using our twitch platform
  • Use a charity overlay for your twitch channel to make it clear what a brilliant thing you’re doing. You can use our template or create your own 
  • We can create a press release for your local newspapers to tell the wider world what you’re up to and highlight what a great idea it is 

If you’re thinking of Livestreaming in aid of Leukaemia Care, we’d love to hear from you – simply email us on