Fundraising Ideas

Whether you're an experienced fundraiser or are new to the game, everyone can do with some inspiration.

A-Z of Fundraising

Afternoon tea

This idyllic pastime is now all the rage! Why not organise your own with finger sandwiches, cupcakes, and maybe even a glass of champagne or two? Charge an entry fee for people to come along.

Baked beans bath

This is a classic fundraiser and sure to generate support! All you have to do is fill a bath or paddling pool with beans and sit in it for a sponsored time. Easy!

Car wash

Set up your own car wash and charge a fee. Don’t just ask your friends and family! Advertise it locally and you’ll hit your fundraising goal in no time.


Everyone loves a disco. You can either organise one in your own home, or somewhere like a community centre, school, or even a club who is willing to offer up their venue. Just charge people a fee for entry and drinks.

Eating competition

Man vs Food – set your friends a challenge of who can eat the most in ten minutes. Promote the event to local shops to see if you can get any support in the form of free food for the event itself. Raise funds by getting people to pay to enter or charge spectators a small fee to watch.

Fashion show

Show off your style with a fashion show! You could make your own clothes, purchase second-hand ones, or even ask local shops to loan you some. Either way, it’s a great way to get many others involved in your fundraising.

Guess the baby

Have fun with your work colleagues as you bring in photos of yourselves as babies and ask others to guess who is which baby. Charge an entry fee or guessing fee.

Horror movie night

Gather friends and family and charge them a fee to join you for a horror movie night! Try this on Halloween, or any time of the year if you like scary films!

Instadown day

Are you addicted to your phone and social media? Try curbing your addiction by turning it into a fundraising event! Get people to sponsor you to stay off your phone or social media for an allotted time.

Joke night

Laughter is the best medicine, so round up some local comedians, or even just your funny friends, and host a comedy night. Raise the funds by selling tickets.

Knobbly knee contest

The knobbly knee contest is an old favourite and we think it’s time it had a revival! So, get out your knees, charge an entry fee to the competition, and get judging! Just don’t forget a prize for the person with the knobbliest knees.

Loan your services

Do you like to bake? Are you good with DIY? Loan your services to others and ask them to make a donation instead of paying you. You could offer to make a birthday cake, put up some shelves, or babysit. The ideas are endless!


Hold a Mastermind event and see who’s the smartest! Charge an entry fee to the event, serve snacks and drinks, and watch as people battle with their brains to win a prize!

New habits

Want to cut down on how much sugar you eat, or even quit smoking? Kick a bad habit and raise money for blood cancer patients when you get people to sponsor you.

Office Olympics

Challenge your employees to the Office Olympics as you take part in races and athletic events, charging an entry fee. You might even discover the next Usain Bolt in your office!

Pamper evening

Treat yourself and your friends to a pamper evening. Charge an entry fee or charge per beauty product, it’s up to you! But either way, it’s sure to be popular.

Or try… Poker Night

Quiz night

Everyone loves a quiz night. Host one in your local pub, your house, or even your student’s union if you’re a student. All you have to do is gather some questions and charge an entry fee!

Record breaker

Why not try and break a World Record? Or even set your own? Think outside the box or put your skills to use, it’s up to you, just get people to sponsor you!

Sponsored silence

If you’re a bit of a chatterbox, then a sponsored silence is bound to boost your fundraising goal! Get friends, family and colleagues to pay you to keep your mouth shut for a set amount of time, whether it’s a day or a week.

Or try… Scooter Rally, Swishing


Don’t underestimate the popularity of a tombola! Ask local businesses to donate prizes and then assign them to tickets ending in a 5 or 0. Then, when the big day comes, don’t worry about not having a tombola drum, just put the tickets in a hat or box, shake them about, and get people to pay to pick tickets out.

UV paint party

UV paint is a fun addition to any party. Hire out a venue or host it in your own home, just don’t forget to either charge guests an entry fee or to use the glow-in-the-dark paint!

Variety show

Put your talents on display and host your own local variety show! Invite local acts and encourage amateurs to showcase their budding talent. Sell tickets to your event and even provide snacks and drinks to give your fundraising a little boost.

Wet ‘n wild

This next idea might only be suitable for the summer, but it’s sure to be a hit. Water slides, water guns and a BBQ are a match made in heaven, so invite everyone round for your wet ‘n wild summertime party, just charge an entry fee.

X marks the spot

A treasure hunt is a great family day-out and fun to organise. Simply create your map and the clues that will lead participants to ‘X marks the spot’. Sell tickets to your event and don’t forget to advertise it in your local area!

Yum or yuck

Take your chances with this foody game! Invite your friends round with their yummy and yucky food creations to play a variation of ‘spin the bottle’. Chosen contestants must try some food and hope they’ve got one of the yummy dishes! Just charge an entry fee.

Zombie party

Zombies were once a cult hit but have now made it big mainstream. Ask your friends to channel Shaun of the Dead, The Walking Dead or 28 Days Later for your zombie-themed party. Charge an entry fee for the party or for a best costume competition!


Could you run an event like this?

Think you could do one of the above or have your own ideas? Just let us know and we’ll give you all the advice and support to make your fundraiser the event you want it to be. Simply email our friendly fundraising team on or give them a call on 01905 755977.