Funeral collections

Collecting donations at a funeral is a powerful way to remember a loved one. Collections from a loved one’s funeral or memorial service help to fund our vital leukaemia support services.

You can celebrate your loved one by asking family and friends to make a donation at their funeral or memorial service. People often choose to make a charitable donation in lieu of buying flowers as donations help to fund our financial and mental health support services.

Pay in funeral collections

We can provide you with envelopes or boxes for donations. Our envelopes allow for a name to be written on so we can provide you with a total raised in your love one’s name. If you wish, we can also provide information leaflets to inform others of exactly who they’re donating to and what we do as a charity.

Donate via cheque

Alternatively, you may want to make a donation via cheque. Please make any cheques payable to Leukaemia Care when sending in a cheque, as outlined below. It’s important to include your name and contact details, along with the name of the person the donation is in memory of. You’ll receive a thank you for your donation from us, letting you know exactly what your donation in memory has done. 

Please send any cheques to:

In Memory Team
Leukaemia Care
One Birch Court,
Blackpole East,

If you would like to arrange funeral donations please contact our In-memory and Legacy Support Officer at

Create a funeral collection with MuchLoved

Add your loved ones funeral details to create your online collection that can be shared with family and friends and will go towards funding our vital support services for leukaemia patients.


Looking for more ways to remember someone you love?

Visit our bereavement hub to find the in memory option that feels right for you.

Bereavement hub

Please remember we have our grief chat service for bereavement support, talk to the team here.