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Money and Benefits

A cancer diagnosis can affect many aspects of your life including your finances, working arrangements and travel. This section will help provide information and advice on the practical issues you may need to consider after diagnosis and during treatment.

Planning and managing your day-to-day finances can become more important following a diagnosis of a blood cancer but cancer can put a strain on your household budget. At a time when you might have extra costs, your income may change too if you need to reduce your working hours or give up working altogether, which could make financial issues a real worry for people who don’t have the means to support themselves through this time.

Managing your bills and bank accounts is important to make sure you’re not faced with any hefty charges. If it gets confusing, you may wish to ask someone who you trust to help you manage your finances day-to-day.

It’s important to try and record your spending and set a budget so you know how much money you have coming in and going out. If you’re unable to support yourself, you may need to consider using savings or speaking to someone about the benefits you may be entitled to. You should never feel embarrassed or guilty about applying for benefits as they are there for people who genuinely need help and cancer can affect people in many different situations. For example, if you are unable to look after your child throughout the day whilst undergoing treatment, you may need to pay for additional childcare and will need help doing so.

Further support and information

If you are experiencing real financial hardship, there are sources of charitable assistance which may be able to help you.  Macmillan Cancer Support has a grant scheme, for one off awards for extra costs incurred directly as a result of a cancer diagnosis.  A Macmillan professional will have to make the application for you.  There may also be other local charities (or occupational charities) that may be able to help, contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau as they may be able to provide details. 

Macmillan Cancer Support work in partnership with Citizens Advice to provide a welfare benefits advice service, which can carry out charitable applications.  Details of this is available on their website, or telephone 0808 808 00 00.


Published: Feb 2016

Next planned review: Feb 2018