Shine a ‘Spot’light on leukaemia

Dozens of landmarks up and down the UK change their lights to show support for blood cancer patients.

World Leukemia Day on 4th September is a yearly global campaign started by Leukemia Care in collaboration with patient groups across the globe. It’s the one day of the year people from all around the world can come together to help raise awareness of leukaemia. By raising awareness of leukaemia and educating the world on the signs and symptoms of the condition, we can work together to help leukaemia patients get diagnosed and provide better outcomes for them. You can make a difference no matter who you are and where you live.

We will be shedding some light on leukaemia this World Leukaemia Day to help raise awareness on a national scale. On the 4th of September, iconic buildings throughout the UK have agreed to light up red to help shine a ‘spot’light on Leukaemia. This will be a great way of spreading the message to all corners of the UK, acting as a beacon to improve public understanding of leukaemia and its symptoms. 

[Penshaw Monument lights up red for Leukaemia Care, 2019]

Want to help us contact more buildings?

You can also write to your local landmarks asking them to light up red on behalf of Leukaemia Care for World Leukaemia Day on September 4th, use our template here.  

You can find out more about how to get involved with World Leukaemia Day here.