Fortnite for a Fortn14ht

Could you set yourself a goal and use Fortnite as a force for good?

The world has gone mad for Fortnite – so we’re challenging you to use Fortnite as a force for good.

We’ve teamed up with GivePenny to offer your our latest virtual event. You can pledge to take on a challenge involving Fortnite for 14 days. Your challenge could be stream an hour a day on Twitch and get sponsored for it, or you could aim to be the last man standing for fourteen days.

Using the integrated Twitch stream, friends and family can watch you as you take on your gaming goal.

Why not invite your mates to get involved?

You can join the event online here.

Top tips

  • If you’re going to set up a streaming challenge, be sensible! Take regular breaks from streaming and stop when you are tired. If you are under 16, please ensure that a responsible adult not only knows what you are doing, but agrees that it is a good thing.
  • Get in touch with us! We’d love to hear your plans and what you want to do – we can also shout your good deed from the rooftops and organise for you to receive your certificates when your fundraising is over
  • Make sure you are operating within the Rules of Conduct and Terms of ServiceIt would be terrible for you to get suspended during your charity stream, it reflects poorly on you and the charity. Read over the RoC/ToS and make sure nothing you have planned is going to get you in trouble. If you are unsure, contact support.

How can I raise money through streaming?

It’s simple. You choose your challenge i.e. streaming every day for an hour for two weeks. By connecting your Twitch account, your friends, family and supporters can follow your progress and watch your gaming live.

Does streaming actually raise money for charity?

Yes! In 2016, Twitch helped to raise $17.4 million for charities and this amount continues to grow