Run 50 FAQs

Find out more about our Run 50 challenge along with some frequently asked questions.

How Does the Run 50 challenge work?

We’re asking fundraisers to Run 50 miles during any month of the year and raise money for Leukaemia Care through sponsorship.  The great thing about the Run 50 challenge is it can be done any month of the year!

How do I sign up?

It’s really simple, choose a month and then set up your fundraising page.

Click here to create fundraising page

Register here to receive your free t-shirt and tracker, once you have your first donation, we’ll pop it in the post!

Or set up a Justgiving or Give Penny webpage

Is there a registration fee or deadline?

No fee, this event is free and designed for you, to do what you do best for Leukaemia Care in your own time.  All we ask is you pick a month and complete the 50 miles within that month.  No competitors, no registration fees, just you and the open road!

How do I raise money?

Facebook fundraisers are a really simple way for people to donate and the best thing is Facebook don’t take any of the money.  Every donation goes straight to Leukaemia Care. You can set it up in seconds and then share it on your Facebook page.  Facebook Friends donate through the platform to show their support!

Alternatively, you can choose to fundraise through givepenny/Just giving page which are other platforms where friends and family can donate.

Where will my sponsor money go?

All sponsorship money will come straight to Leukaemia Care.  You don’t have to do anything; it will happen automatically.

How do I get my t-shirt?

As soon as you get your first donation, we will post out one of our stylish Run 50 t-shirt to you, which you can wear on your fundraising journey.

How do I track my miles?

You can keep track of your miles using our handy milage tracking poster, which you can download here.  This is a great way to keep yourself motivated and on track.  Share a picture of the tracker on Facebook, which will promote your fundraising too.  Running apps are a great way to stay on track too and you can easily upload a screen shot showing how many miles you’ve covered

Do I need to be super fit to take part?

Definitely not, Run 50 is designed with our fundraisers in mind.  Not everyone is cut out for a marathon, so we wanted to give runners of all abilities the chance to do what they love, whilst raising money for Leukaemia Care.   So, if you run 50 miles in a week or take your time throughout the month that’s up to you.  Take this challenge and make it your own and we’ll be cheering you on all the way.

By participating in this challenge, you are agreeing to enter and undertake this challenge entirely at your own risk. Leukaemia Care shall not be liable for any injury. This challenge should be completed however is best for your physical ability.

What do I do if I don’t complete the challenge?

The only thing that matters is that you give it a shot, do the best you can and make this challenge your own.  Keep your supporters involved, show them the progress you’re making, and they’ll be right behind you.

Who can I speak to if I need more information?

If you have any questions or queries regarding Run 50 or any fundraising for Leukaemia Care, get in touch at or call 01905 755977

What happens at the end of my Run 50 challenge?

When you’ve finished just let everyone know.  The money which has been donated comes straight to Leukaemia Care, so all that’s left for you to do is say a huge thank you to your supporters.  Perhaps post a thank you video or maybe upload a pic of you taking a well-earned rest!

Can I get in touch with anyone else running for Leukaemia Care?

Yes, we have a Facebook group for our community of runners that take part in all sorts of challenges from Run 50 to the London Marathon.  If you’re looking for some inspiration, then click here to join the chat.

How much do I have to raise?

We only ask that you raise as much as you’re able. Facebook automatically sets the target on your page at £200, which could provide a hardship grant for someone living with Leukaemia and experiencing financial difficulties, however we appreciate every penny donated and of course there is not limit!

Are there any tips to help me raise as much money as possible?

There are a few key things you can do to make the most of your fundraising page, including:

Uploading a photo: This is a great way of personalising your page.

Setting a target: Facebook sets the target at £200, or you can make your own target.  Be inspired, £25 funds a phone call with a haematology nurse, £2 pays for an information booklet for someone newly diagnosed, £200 pays for a hardship fund.  Knowing what your fundraising is contributing to is a great motivator. It will also encourage others to help you reach your goal and who knows – you might even beat it!

Sharing your story: Tell your supporters why completing this challenge means so much to you. Let everyone know what a difference their donations will make to Leukaemia Care and the people we support.

Promoting your page: Spread the word of your Facebook fundraiser, did you know friends and family who aren’t on Facebook can still support your fundraiser? Just email the link to your fundraising page and they can donate! If you are using JustGiving or Give Penny to fundraise, you can share those pages on Facebook too.

Keeping everyone updated: Try to share regular updates and progress pics on your page. Your supporters will enjoy sharing your journey with you and want to know how you’re getting on.

Share your tracker:  Take a picture of your progress, show everyone each time you complete a run that you’re getting closer to 50 miles!

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