In memory giving

In memory giving is a way to remember your loved ones and enables you to leave a legacy that helps others living with leukaemia.


Would you like to make a tribute page to a loved one?

Click here

We express our deepest condolences if you have lost a loved one and hope that you can find some comfort in donating to a cause that was close to their heart.

Make a one off donation

A donation in memory of a loved one will enable us to continue our work in supporting those affected by blood cancer and those who love them. Donations can be made through our website by clicking here.

Take on a challenge

There are a range of challenges that you might like to tackle in memory of a loved one. From the London Marathon to taking on a skydive, there are many events which you can use to drive your in memory fundraising.

See our latest events here. 

Donation in lieu of flowers/funeral collections

One way families choose to raise money is by asking others to donate money to a chosen charity instead of buying flowers for the funeral. We can provide you with bespoke envelopes for donations.

Alternatively, we can provide you with envelopes and boxes for a collection at the funeral. If you wish, we can also provide information leaflets to inform others of exactly who they’re donating to and what we do as a charity.

Donation in lieu of flowers/funeral collections – COVID-19 update

With current restrictions on numbers of mourners at a funeral, as well as a reluctance for many to handle cash, we are encouraging those who wish to make a funeral donation in the following ways:

  • Set up an ‘in memory’ donation page

A donation page in memory of a loved one is a simple  way of raising funds. It also allows those who may not be able to attend the funeral to make a donation.

Suggested sites you could use include: Everyday Hero (, JustGiving ( and Memory Giving ( You can find details on setting up an online giving page here.

  • Make a donation directly onto the Leukaemia Care donate page

You can make donations directly to Leukaemia Care by going to our donate page. There, you can make a one off-donation and let us know who you are making a donation in memory of.

  • Create an online book of remembrance

Using our online template, you and others can leave messages to remember a loved one in your life. All donations on this page will come directly to Leukaemia Care.

You can set up your own page by clicking the link here (this will take you to an external website).

To order collection materials, or if you have any questions about in memory giving, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01905 755 977, or email us at