Digital officer

We're looking for a Digital Officer to join the team at Leukaemia Care

Who we are and what we do

In 1969, a group of parents whose children had been diagnosed with leukaemia came together to create a support network. Now over 50 years later, we continue their work in providing information and support to anybody affected by leukaemia and other blood cancer types. Our about us page 

How do we do this? We have a wide-range of services aimed at patients and their loved ones from diagnosis and beyond. 

Our support services range from nurse-led helplines, support groups and free-of-charge medical information to access to paid counselling, grants for those feeling the financial strain of a diagnosis and providing buddies so people always have somebody to talk to who have experienced something similar to them. We encourage you to have a read of our website and find out all the ways we support from diagnosis and beyond. 

Crucial to our work is raising awareness of leukaemia as a blood cancer and the importance for early diagnosis. Leukaemia can be difficult to spot as the symptoms are similar to many other common conditions. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the signs of leukaemia and this leads to diagnosis being delayed, which can worsen outcomes for patients. 

As well as working to educate the general public through our #SpotLeukaemia campaign, we are working closely with our colleagues working in front line medical services to ensure they have the most up-to-date information on diagnosing leukaemia. We know that by raising awareness and working to educate health care professionals, we can save lives and improve outcomes. Mattia explains the importance of this work in this video – Spot Leukaemia simply saved his life. 

Job title: Digital officer

Hours:  Full-time (Equivalent to 37.5 hours a week). Flexible working options will be considered.

Remuneration: £18,000 to £25,500 per annum (depending on experience)

Type of contract: Fixed term – 12 months (with possibility for extension to a permanent role)

Location:  Flexible, with frequent travel to Worcester (all staff currently working from home due the pandemic).

Report to:  Communications and Fundraising Manager, Director of Communication and Fundraising


Are you looking for a new role in an expanding area for a national charity? You are proactive, enthusiastic and excited about becoming part of a team looking to develop the digital strategy and will be key in implementing the plans. 

Duties and responsibilities

At the request and under the direction of the Communications and Fundraising Manager:

Email newsletters

Email newsletters

  • Working with the wider communications team to develop content for Leukaemia Care newsletters. Working with members of staff across the charity to ensure newsletters are timely, and to advise on the types of content that would be appropriate. 
  • Reporting on the performance of email communications, with the ability to develop papers on how email communications could be improved. 
  • Ensure all financial asks are suitably incorporated into newsletters, resulting in improvements to our income streams such as Regular Giving or one-off donations

Google Adwords and Analytics

  • With training, take on overall responsibility for the Google Non-profit grant, ensuring that the full grant is being used each month and identifying and implementing areas of growth which fit the charities goals
  • Use Google paid advertising to drive awareness and traffic, working with the Communications and Fundraising manager to ensure that adverts both meet and exceed KPIs. 
  • Use Google Analytics to identify key pages on the Leukaemia Care website and work with the wider communications team to update content. 
  • Use Google Analytics to identify key sources of traffic and make suggestions for improvements. 

Website management

  • Using the WordPress CMS, update the Leukaemia Care website with content from the various teams in the charity
  • Identify low-performing pages on the website and ‘drop-off’ points in the online donation journey
  • Assist the Communications and Fundraising Manager with a restructure of key pages on the website and analyse the changes to be reported to managers and SMT
  • Working with other teams, join meetings with patients and other stakeholders to discuss content displayed on the website and things the charity can do to improve the patient/stakeholder experience

Social media content and advertising

  • Working with the Communications and Fundraising manager, develop adverts to promote key areas of the charity 
  • Use social media advertising to recruit for key events such as the Virtual London Marathon or to advertise our free Will programme
  • Be a proactive member of key blood cancer forums and groups on social media, offering advice and sign-posting to Leukaemia Care services
  • Identify new patient experience stories on social media platforms, proactively approaching and asking them to be involved with the charity

Digital fundraising

  • Work with the Director and Communications and Fundraising manager to develop new Digital Fundraising ideas or events
  • Increase income streams across all digital channels
  • Knowledge of the Code of Fundraising Practice and ability to communicate important aspects of the code to those in the wider charity
  • Be active in fundraising groups to identify trends in the fundraising world
  • Support digital fundraisers with their fundraising, developing relationships and updating the database where appropriate. 

For more information about the role, as well as the wider benefits of working for Leukaemia Care, we encourage you to download the full job spec (PDF)

To apply for this role:

Please email your CV along with a cover letter to outlining your suitability for the role.

Closing date:  12th April at 5pm


Page published on: 24th February 2021