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The importance of being active

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There are multiple benefits of exercising and staying active throughout your blood cancer and treatment. Just a few small changes to your routine can have a positive impact on your health.

If you are living with, or have been treated for, a blood cancer, being more active is beneficial for your overall health and energy levels.

Many people put off physical activity during treatment as it was not part of their lifestyle before their cancer diagnosis. Many people also think that being active means you have to exercise intensely, which is not always the case. You could start building it up gradually, engaging in activities like going for short walks, taking the stairs instead of the lift, doing things around the house or gardening and set challenges for yourself so you can build your strength back up.

If you are not involved in regular activity, it can make you feel more tired and reduce your energy levels as it weakens your muscles. It can also reduce how well your heart and lungs work to deliver oxygen to muscles over longer periods of time, as your muscles require less oxygen when in a state of inactivity.

How exercise can reduce your side effects

If you’ve experienced different side effects during your treatment or sometime after finishing treatment, regular physical activity can help you to manage these.

For example:


Published: Feb 2016

Next planned review: Feb 2018