Bruno Gustavo Macaneiro’s London Marathon story

Bruno is one of our 2018 London Marathon runners. In his blog, he talks about how running has changed his life, and the unique fundraising idea he’s taking on.

Running changed my life sharply. I went from a rather sedentary lifestyle to an active running year that resulted in two marathons completed under 3h:15m in 2017, which went beyond any of my expectations. While it impacted my own personal life, I always wanted to take on fundraising and be able to attribute this to a greater cause. I researched online, and Leukaemia Care seemed like a great charity run by amazing people and I immediately went with it.

This will be the first time I am running for charity, but certainly not the last. I am currently living in Spain, but I lived in London for an amazing three years and still have lots of friends and former co-workers in the city. Running in London will be an amazing personal experience for me and I wanted to do an homage to the city and the people I cherish there.

Therefore, I have decided to tattoo the initials of every person who donates £80 or more. If you ever wanted to brand your initials on another living body (and do not own cattle), this is your chance.

It is also a way of thanking everyone who is supporting this cause and me on running the 2018 London Marathon. It will be a pleasure to have the names of friends and family who helped with this as a memento of this special day.

I expected most of the fundraising to come from friends in London, but I ended up gaining amazing support from family in Brazil and friends in Spain and the US as well.

Training is going well; the toughest part starts now until mid-April. I try to run four times a week, with a HIIT session on Tuesdays, light mid distance on Thursday, race pace on Friday and long distances on Sunday. I am currently living in Madrid, so the weather and altitude have been a new challenge!

Running 42.2km is very tough. Waking up at 4am, doing 30+km on rainy days before work – never an easy task. But I am committed to do it as I understand this is nothing compared to the ordeal a person that suffers from blood cancer goes through.

Your feelings and emotions

A diagnosis of a blood cancer can affect you emotionally as well as physically. We can help you to understand what you’re going through.

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