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Reflexology is a complementary therapy that aims to relieve pain in one part of the body by applying pressure to reflex areas on the hands and feet.

Reflexology is a therapy based on the belief that there are areas in the feet and hands which correspond to the organs and different parts of the body. 

There is no scientific evidence to support the use of reflexology as a treatment or cure for cancer. But the theory behind the therapy is that having your feet pressed and massaged in a certain way stimulates the corresponding organs in your body, which in turn releases your body’s natural healing powers. It is thought that reflexology may help to alleviate symptoms and side effects of treatment.

Reflexology is a specialised form of hand or foot massage where gentle pressure is applied to specific point, triggering the natural healing of the corresponding body part

People with low platelet counts should not use reflexology due to the risks of bruising or bleeding more easily

Before starting reflexology, always check with your doctor and make sure your reflexologist is properly trained and qualified. Most reputable reflexologists are registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) or one of the organisations that are part of the Reflexology Forum

Published Feb 2016

Next planned review: Feb 2018