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World Blood Cancer Day

written by

Leukaemia Care, Charity


Today is the start of the May Bank Holiday; it’s the Champions League Final, a day for sunshine, BBQ’s and family fun.

Today, Saturday the 28th May, is also World Blood Cancer Day.

World Blood Cancer day is an entire day dedicated to raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of blood cancer. Every fifteen minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with a type of blood cancer. This means that each year, over 34,000 people and their families in the UK have their lives changed forever.

Since Blood Cancer Awareness Month last September, Leukaemia CARE has been raising awareness of the symptoms of blood cancers, which are vague, non-specific and often confused with other illnesses. In order to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of blood cancer, we are urging the public to download and share our symptom cards with their friends and families. This is all in a bid to get blood cancers diagnosed earlier – early diagnosis saves lives.

Our symptoms cards are an easy way to remember the common symptoms of blood cancers:

T – Tiredness and exhaustion

E – Excessive sweating

S – Sore bones and joints

T – Terrible bruising and unusual bleeding

Because the symptoms of blood cancer are so vague, the role of GPs in diagnosing blood cancer early is crucial. Diagnosis isn’t always easy, on average, GP’s may only see one case of blood cancer every two years. In fact, NHS data shows that 57% of all acute leukaemias are identified when someone attends hospital in an emergency.

We know it’s tricky to spot if a patient may have a blood cancer so Leukaemia CARE, in collaboration with the Royal College of General Practitioners, created a GP e-learning toolkit. It provides GPs with access to a free online learning course that will help to increase their awareness of blood cancers and their symptoms. It could help GPs to recognise if a patient may have a blood cancer and help them to stay up-to-date on the latest blood cancer information.

The two 30-minute modules are completely free and combined, offer one hour of continuous professional development (CPD) points. It’s a great starting point for GPs who want to develop their knowledge on haematological cancers.

Want your GP to learn more about blood cancers? Print of this flyer and take it with you next time you visit them.

Leukaemia CARE support blood cancer patients and their families all year around but we hope that World Blood Cancer Day will help to make more people all over the world aware of the signs and symptoms of blood cancer. As with many cancers, early diagnosis saves lives and it is fundamental to improving treatment outcomes. We hope that our ongoing projects will raise awareness of blood cancers and improve outcomes for patients by ensuring they are referred for treatment earlier. The more people who are in the know, the more lives that can be saved.

To download and share our symptom cards click here