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Turn stamps into cash for charity

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

Postage stamps are valuable to charities that take part in stamp recycling schemes, as every kilo of UK stamps is worth approximately £6. Foreign stamps have a greater value due to their higher silk content, with a kilo of stamps from abroad being worth up to £13.

Our Fundraising Manger, Helen Whatmore, said: “People are often hesitant to fundraise for charity as they don’t want to pledge their own cash or sign up to a monthly direct debit. But collecting your stamps costs you nothing and you can do something useful with something you would have otherwise been throwing away.”

 Anyone collecting stamps needs to ensure that they have approximately a centimeter of envelope paper around them and all stamps should be sent to:

FREEPOST RLXX-RJRA-ACRH, Leukaemia CARE, One Birch Court, Blackpole East, Worcester, WR3 8SG.

 We also collect old printer cartridges, unwanted jewellery, mobile phones and clothing which can all be exchanged for money.

For more information on stamp collection, or