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The ‘Hidden’ Cancer – The need to improve blood cancer care

written by

Leukaemia Care, Charity

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MPs in parliament are today (Wednesday 17 January) discussing the issues faced by blood cancer patients, in a drive to ensure that cancer policy within the UK is better focussed upon the needs of patients.

The foundation of the parliamentary debate is the first report published by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blood Cancer (APPGBC), ‘The ‘Hidden’ Cancer: The need to improve blood cancer care’.

The report, launched today, focusses around the priority areas of the Cancer Strategy and provides evidence that this is failing to meet the specific needs of blood cancer patients.

We would like to thank the APPGBC and chair, Henry Smith MP, for producing this report and raising awareness of the issues faced by blood cancer patients. Here is a summary of some key findings and recommendations from the report: 

You can read the full report here.