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Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Mikki Camfield and Alex Halfpenny

We are urging our supporters to save their used stamps to raise vital funds.

Used postage stamps can be recycled and sold to collectors at approximately £20 per kilogram and significantly more for foreign stamps.

Michaela Camfield, Community Fundraising Officer for Leukaemia CARE leads the appeal and is urging people across the country to join in. Last year, a whopping 322kg of stamps were donated and we want to build on this by rallying our supporters to send in their used stamps which they would have otherwise thrown away to help raise vital cash and smash their 2014 total.

So far, £1,260 has been raised for Leukaemia CARE since April 2015 from the 63kg of stamps that have been sent in.

Michaela said: “Many people receive several letters through the post each day and usually throw away their envelopes with the used stamps on as they don’t expect something so small as a stamp to be of any value.

“A couple of stamps may not seem like very much, but if everyone joined together and collected a couple of stamps each week, it will help us to continue to be there for blood cancer patients, carers and their families.

“This type of fundraising is also great for community groups, clubs and schools as they can bring their stamps into a main drop-off point and send in one package once they’ve hit a target. It’s so easy to do!”

If you would like to get involved, you should cut your stamps from the envelope with a 1cm border of paper and UK stamps should also be separated from foreign stamps.

In 2014, £13,000 was raised for us through recycling of stamps, clothing, ink cartridges and jewellery.

If you would like to support the stamp appeal, visit