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Andrew Hayden-Smith becomes blood cancer ambassador

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Andrew Hayden-Smith

We’re delighted to announce that actor and TV presenter, Andrew Hayden Smith has become a celebrity awareness ambassador Leukaemia CARE.

Andrew, 32, from Gateshead, has been personally affected by blood cancer following his father’s diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) in July 2014.

He will help to raise the profile of our charity by becoming involved in campaigns, events and appearance to help raise awareness of blood cancer and their symptoms.

Andrew said: “I’ve witnessed first-hand just how important it is to have charities like Leukaemia CARE on hand to offer support when people need it most. By becoming an ambassador, I aim to raise awareness for the charity and to spread the word about spotting the symptoms of blood cancer sooner, which are often confused for other illnesses, in the hope that it might save others.

“About a year before my Dad’s diagnosis, he was in hospital suffering from abscesses on his liver. He was incredibly tired. I remember him coming down to see me in London and him having to stop for a rest just to make it up the stairs from the tube station. After the abscesses had gone, he was in good health for a while. They’d mentioned the possibility of leukaemia but all tests had come back inconclusive. From then on, I think we all expected the day to come eventually when it would be confirmed but we just hoped for the best. It was a nasty rash on the back of my Dad’s legs that made him go and see the doctor which then led to his diagnosis in July last year.

“My Dad has fought it hard. He gave it everything and handled the chemotherapy so well. On Christmas Eve 2014 he received a bone marrow transplant that put him in remission. But now the leukaemia is back and unfortunately, the prognosis is not good.”

Monica Izmajlowicz, Chief Executive of Leukaemia CARE, said: “We are thrilled that Andrew has chosen to support us and has agreed to become an ambassador. He is naturally able to relate to what other patients and families are going through and I know he will be a fantastic advocate for our charity and do a brilliant job at raising awareness for us.”


Every year around 34,000 people are diagnosed with a blood cancer in the UK.