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Join us and Be Blood Cancer Aware!

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We’re gearing up for Blood Cancer Awareness Month in September – a whole month dedicated to raising awareness of blood cancers.

This year, the theme is ‘Early Diagnosis Saves Lives’ and we’re launching an incredibly exciting and potentially revolutionary project which will help to save more lives of people who are diagnosed with blood cancer each year. As with many other cancers, early diagnosis is key to improving treatment outcomes.

Launch of early diagnosis resource for GPs

GPs play a crucial role in diagnosing blood cancer early, but the notoriously vague symptoms, means that diagnosis can be a challenge.

Which is why we have chosen Blood Cancer Awareness Month to launch our early diagnosis online learning resource for GPs to support them in spotting the symptoms sooner and refer patients for appropriate tests if a blood cancer is suspected.

The modules have been developed in partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) eLearning team and will be available here from September 1st.

Grab your symptoms cards

Would you know what the symptoms of blood cancers are? Many people don’t know – until they or someone they know is diagnosed.

Our symptoms cards will be available from 1st September and will be a handy way to learn more about the main symptoms of blood cancer, and what to do if you’re worried.

How to get involved

Put a ribbon on it!

Last year, almost 1,000 people wore our awareness ribbons which played a key role in provoking conversations about blood cancers, their symptoms and the benefit of early diagnosis. It might not seem like it, but a ribbon is a powerful way to raise awareness.

Each ribbon costs just £2 and you can get yours by either making a donation through our website or over the phone by calling 01905 755 977. Don’t just get one for you – get your family, friends and colleagues to pitch in too! We want to see as many of you as possible wearing them! Tweet us wearing your ribbon using the hashtag #BeBloodCancerAware.

Organise your own event

Use Blood Cancer Awareness Month as an opportunity to hold your very own fundraiser in aid of Leukaemia CARE. From bake sales to pub quizzes, there are lots of ways to get family and friends involved.  Fundraising is vital to ensure we can continue to provide our support services to anyone affected by a blood cancer diagnosis. 

For fundraising support, tips and ideas, please email the Fundraising Team who’ll be happy to help.

Take part in our Thunderclap!

Take part in our Thunderclap to help raise awareness of the symptoms of blood cancers by sharing our video. Watch this space for the link or keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter feed.

Share your story

If you’ve been affected by a blood cancer, sharing your story can really help others and help raise awareness. If you’d like to share your story, email the Communications Team who’ll be in touch.