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Successful pilot at Heartlands Hospital

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

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The CARE Team at Leukaemia CARE has been busy piloting a new CARE service for patients on the Haematology ward at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham.

The service involves offering crucial emotional support and practical advice to blood cancer patients on Ward 19. Our CARE Director, Esther Wroughton and her CARE Team have been regular visitors on the ward, visiting once a week with support ranging from chatting to patients and their families, giving them information on what other services Leukaemia CARE can offer them, to raising awareness of blood cancers.

Our CARE Team successfully set up camp in the ward, equipped with our useful patient information booklets and offering vital emotional support with a cuppa and a biscuit on the ward.

Having sent out questionnaires to review the trial run, the feedback proved the pilot to be a sound success and here at Leukaemia CARE, we’re excited to provide the service at Heartlands Hospital on a more permanent basis.

 Our CARE Director, Esther said “with Ward 19 being such a busy part of the hospital, expecting around 135 patients a day, it’s vital that we can reach as many people affected by blood cancer on the ward, ensuring they have someone to talk to.”

A member of our team will now be visiting Heartlands one day a week and will be on hand to answer questions of anyone on the ward. Partnering with the hospital means we can provide support to more people affected by blood cancer and we can also make them aware of what other services they can benefit from.

Sometimes patients and their families will have questions after seeing their consultant or may have recently been faced with diagnosis. Our CARE Team can now offer support and advice to patients, they can help give clarity about diagnosis or the next step for each patient and those around them.

 Esther said, “this brilliant new venture for Leukaemia CARE is an exciting time for the CARE Team and we hope to support as many people with blood cancer as possible.”

If you’d like more information on how our CARE team can offer you support, visit or call the CARE Line on 08088 010 444