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Great grants

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The fundraising team have started with a bang in 2017, having received three grants so far this year and four legacies. Grants and trusts are a big part of what we do here at Leukaemia CARE and give us the chance to apply for money to keep our services up and running. We would like to say thank you to:

This money will go a long way to helping us provide our services in the local community and nationwide. What services do the grants fund?

We are very lucky as a charity to receive legacies. This is money people leave for us in their will. We often never know when we will get these but they serve to be invaluable to the charity. This year so far we have already received £5,169.24

 Have you ever thought about leaving a charity a gift in your will?

Simply telling your family what you’d like to happen when you pass away is not always enough. If it’s not in your Will, it may not happen. A properly drafted Will is a legally binding document and avoids possible misunderstandings or disagreements. This means you will be remembered as you want to be.

Writing a Will allows you the opportunity to shape the future and think realistically about the things and people that are important in your life. This may mean setting money aside to help family members or giving a gift to support the work of a charity such as Leukaemia CARE.

Your Will allows you to make provision for things that matter to you when you are no longer here. A Will allows you the chance to say what kind of funeral you would like, or who you want to look after your pets when you die. If you want any more information about the services Leukaemia CARE offer, please contact