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Grants, Grants, Grants

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We had a great month for grants this month and were thrilled to receive two £1,000 grants. Our first grant was from ‘Carriers for Causes UK’ as part of ‘Groundwork’. Our original ask was to fund our Worcester support group for a year for around £800. Carriers for Causes then upped the amount to £1000! Our second grant was from a local charity called Lasletts. Thank you to both trusts.

At our recent support group, we asked all the members for their Wishlist and what we could give them as a treat with the funds. They selected a cookery class for a neutropenic diet. This is a diet where patients can’t eat foods such as yogurt or egg as these products might make them more susceptible to infection. This is an important time in a patient’s life and they often find that they don’t get enough support with this. Keeping a balanced and healthy diet is a big part of recovery, as well as keeping as healthy as possible during treatment.

We want to say a huge thank you to ‘Carriers for Causes’ for giving our group members the chance to learn about the food they are eating and help them understand how to make the most of their diet whilst going through treatment or recovery.