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Celebrating and saying thank you to nurses

written by

Leukaemia Care, Charity

Today we’re celebrating International Nurses Day and saying thank you to all of the nurses up and down the country who help care for blood cancer patients during diagnosis and treatment.

Around 34,000 people are diagnosed with a blood cancer each year in the UK. The care of blood cancer patients requires a multidisciplinary team approach and nurses play a key role in co-ordinating the care given. Their role involves not only direct care but acting as the patient’s advocate, educators communicators.  

The care and support from nurses plays a crucial role in a patient’s eventual acceptance of the diagnosis and patient knowledge, education, communication and supportive care is vital.

They provide support and information for patients, families and carers affected  by blood cancer by providing information and advice about with the disease, the treatment and the beyond.

Without these nurses bridging the gap between consultants and patients, the journey from diagnosis to treatment would be an even more difficult one.

We believe these nurses should be celebrated, thanked and appreciated. Join us today in doing this by:

·       Leaving a comment on Facebook

·       Tweeting us @LeukaemiaCAREuk and using the hashtag #InternationalNursesDay

·       Sending your story about your experience with nurses to