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We’ve launched our #CancerLottery campaign

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

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Last week saw the launch of our #CancerLottery campaign – which has a single aim; to stop unequal access to innovative, life-extending cancer treatment for blood cancer patients (and rare cancers generally). We believe that access to clinically effective drugs should be available to all NHS patients across the UK.

Why are we doing it?

Changes to the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) and way drugs are appraised and funded in England take effect from July 1st 2016.

The proposed changes to the appraisal process could mean:

Patients who are already receiving treatments affected by these policy changes will continue to do so. However, the changes could affect future treatment options for existing patients (should their current one stop working and they need a new line of treatment) as well as new patients, yet to be diagnosed.

Some drugs may be approved for use in Scotland or Wales but not in England, should NICE be unable to recommend them. This is already happening with some drugs, for example, ponatinib for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) has reduced access in England but patients in Scotland and Wales are able to access it.

You can find out more about the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) and the way drugs are currently appraised here.

How you can help

We think every blood cancer patient has a right to fair and equal access to treatment. To help ensure that UK blood cancer patients can access the most effective treatment options, join us and let’s put an end to this #CancerLottery.

1. Sign the petition

We have created a petition asking the Government and Andrew Dillon to introduce a fair appraisal process for drugs for rarer cancers.

2. Share the campaign

Please share our Facebook post with your friends and tell them about the campaign. Get as many people as possible involved.

3. Download or share our flyer

Spread the word and give people more information about our important campaign by downloading or printing, and sharing our campaign flyer

4. Write to your MP

Use our ready-made template to write to your MP about these changes.

For more information, visit or email