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Cancer Drugs Fund: Open letter to David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt

written by

Leukaemia Care, Charity

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Leukaemia CARE is a member organisation of The Blood Cancer Alliance (BCA), an informal coalition of charities representing the blood cancer community. Together, with the rest of the BCA, we have written an open letter to Prime Minister, David Cameron, and Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, on the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) delisting which affects 12 blood cancer drugs.

To help us put pressure on the Government and urge Jeremy Hunt to find a solution to the CDF, sign the petition today:


Dear Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Health

Blood cancer charities urge Government for Cancer Drugs Fund solution

As an alliance of blood cancer charities, and on behalf of the 27,000 blood cancer patients and their families who have signed the petition against the delisting of life-saving drugs from the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF), we are writing to express our concern regarding the Government’s failure on the CDF.

The Government is aware of the flawed nature of the CDF, but due to politics, has let it progress to the situation where clinically effective treatments are today being removed without a long-term solution to access.

The CDF is majorly overspent and no data has been collected on whether or not any CDF-funded treatments have actually worked. As a result of these failures 12 blood cancer drug indications, previously deemed clinically effective, are set to be removed from the Fund with no guarantee of future access.

While the CDF has improved access to cancer drugs not routinely available in NHS England, it was always intended to be a temporary solution while a long-term pricing mechanism was worked out. The proposed consultation on the CDF has taken too long to materialise, and as the new CDF system is set to be in place from April 2016, the time is rapidly decreasing for stakeholders to shape a system that is fit for purpose.

Through the revised CDF and Accelerated Access Review, there is a real opportunity to put patients at the heart of the system and ensure they are able to access the most innovative medicines. This is an opportunity that the Government can no longer afford to miss.


Yours sincerely

Blood Cancers Alliance


Eric Low, Chief Executive, Myeloma UK

Sophie Wintrich, Chief Executive, MDS UK

Sandy Craine, Chief Executive, CML Support

Roger Brown, Chair, WMUK

David Innes, Chair, CLL Support Association

Monica Izmajlowicz, Chief Executive, Leukaemia CARE

Jonathan Pearce, Chief Executive, Lymphoma Association

Cathy Gilman, Chief Executive, Bloodwise