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What does this delisting mean for blood cancer patients?

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

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The Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) enables cancer patients in England to access innovative, life-extending treatments which are not routinely available within the mainstream NHS in England.

It was announced earlier today that a number of drugs are to be removed from the list of drugs routinely funded via the CDF. If this delisting of drugs goes ahead, thousands of cancer patients could miss out on life-extending cancer treatment.

Many of these drugs have the potential to offer patients more time with their families and an improvement in their quality of life, yet patients will soon be unable to access them.

Some of the drugs on the CDF list were reviewed at a meeting on the 29th and 30th of July, with seven of the fourteen blood cancer drugs previously available set to be delisted.

For more information access the Cancer Drugs Fund list here.

It has been estimated that this delisting will affect over 5,500 cancer patients. Of these, we estimate that approximately 1,750 of these will be blood cancer patients.

It must be stressed that any changes to the availability of drugs on this list will not affect patients who are currently receiving treatment as these patients will continue to receive treatment for as long as they will benefit from it. These changes will only impact on the future availability of the treatments for patients.

Commenting on this announcement Monica Izmajlowicz, Chief Executive of Leukaemia CARE said:

“We are extremely disappointed by today’s announcement that thousands of future cancer patients will be unable to access these treatment options.

This is a particularly sad day for anybody affected by blood cancer, with estimates suggesting that over 1,750 blood cancer patients could miss out on life-extending treatment.