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Media volunteers wanted!

We’re on the lookout for people who want to tell their story in the media. Can you help?

The personal element of someone’s experience can often mean the difference between a story being covered or not. Journalists contacting Leukaemia CARE are always keen to speak with people who have been affected by blood cancer – whether it’s themselves or a loved one. The personal, human aspect, told from an individual’s perspective makes a story come to life and may lead to readers recognising that they need support as well.

What is involved in becoming a media volunteer?

Blood cancers are being covered a lot more in the press and as we are a support charity who looks after the people affected now, we want to get as much exposure as we can to raise the profile of the charity and show people that there is support out there if they have been diagnosed, or know someone who has been.

It’s only through speaking out about blood cancers and the support out there that can make others aware of the symptoms of blood cancer and the emotional as well as physical impact living with a blood cancer (as a patients and a carers) can bring.

A media volunteer is someone who is happy to tell their story in the media. This could involve TV and radio interviews and interviews for newspapers or magazines over the phone.

What next?

If you’d like to join us and become a media volunteer, first of all you will just need to contact our Comms Team who will take a few details and speak to you about your story and your experiences.  We will never divulge your details to journalists without your permission and journalists will never contact you directly as all requests come via Leukaemia CARE.

Leukaemia CARE will only contact you if your story fits what the journalist is looking for. Occasionally, media volunteers may need to take part in sensitive opportunities and won’t be taking part in opportunities that are seen to sensationalise living with a blood cancer.


If you would like to put yourself forward to speak with the press, please email or call 01905 755 977.