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Leukaemia CARE Careline

We're here to talk | 24-hours a day

08088 010 444

FREE from landlines & most major mobile networks

Just Diagnosed

We know that being diagnosed with a blood cancer is a huge shock. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Whether it’s you who’s just been diagnosed, or someone close to you, we understand that you may be experiencing a number of different feelings and emotions such as shock, loneliness, confusion and upset. You will probably have many questions too – what happens next? How will I cope? What will the treatment involve? All of these questions and feelings are completely normal and there is lots of support out there to help you through this journey.

How we can help

We are dedicated to ensuring that whether you have been diagnosed, or are looking after someone who has been, you have access to the right information, advice and support.

We have a number of services that are available to you to support you through your blood cancer journey.

24-hour CARE Line

Sometimes you may want to talk to somebody about the way you're feeling or to ask advice about something relating to your diagnosis or treatment. We are always available should you need to talk to somebody, whatever time of day that may be. You can call our free 24-hour CARE Line whenever you need someone to listen.

Call us now on 08088 010 444.

Online Live Chat

Our online support service, Live Chat, is available between 9.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, where you can connect to one of our trained Care and Support Advisors.

Please note: All conversations are anonymous (unless you choose to share your name with us), and confidential.

One-to-one Buddy Support

After a diagnosis some people find it particularly helpful to talk to someone who has had similar experiences. They may have been diagnosed with the same condition, faced the same treatment options, and possibly shared the same worries, concerns, disappointments and triumphs.

We offer a Buddy Support service where we will do our best to match you with one of our trained volunteers for regular or one-off telephone or face-to-face support.

Information booklets 

Our Step-by-Step range of information booklets are accredited by the Information Standard and there are a number of booklets in the range available to you including:

We are always adding new booklets to the range which cover topics that you will find useful.

Support Groups

Our support groups provide support and advice to patients, carers and their families and there are a number of them nationwide. We coordinate and maintain groups up and down the UK, each with dedicated volunteers and are popular with patients, carers and family members. Guest speakers often feature who talk about different topics.

Journey magazine

Journey is our popular quarterly magazine and features inspirational patient stories, medical news, updates from Leukaemia CARE, fundraising events and information on our support groups.