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Steven Davies - Why #myCNSmatters

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

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Monday 16th August 2004, I visited my GP at 6pm. He arranged a blood test on the Tuesday, and on Wednesday, I got a call from my GP to come to the surgery immediately. I needed to be admitted to hospital as my blood was so thick that I was likely to have a stroke. The reason was my white blood cell count was too high.

I was admitted through A&E and then proceeded to have a bone marrow aspiration. My wife asked the prognosis; we were told three to five years. This was at my local hospital, and two days later I was transferred to the Hammersmith, where I was told that there was medication or the option of a bone marrow transplant. I chose the meds.

I was also introduced to the Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) who went through things with me and also introduced me to a machine to take off the white cells. I had a needle in each arm and lay still for four hours. They also stored my stem cells.

Since then, I have had the most marvellous relations with the CNS. Helping with forms, meds and anything to do with CML. The CNS is the most wonderful person and I decided to give something back to the NHS. I arrange every three months or so a patient-carer support group together with the CNS, who gives up her spare time on a Saturday to organise together with one of the Consultants a 3-hour meeting for all to ask questions and update on the latest treatments.

The CNS is so accessible. You’re given a card with email and phone number, and she generally responds within a few hours. Patients are treated like private patients and they have as much time with you as needed.

My access to the CNS has been absolutely fantastic and has helped me greatly over the last 13 years. Irene is a wonderful lady and I cannot thank her enough. Please make sure you are in touch with your CNS. They are invaluable. 


This December, we are spreading a little Christmas thanks for the invaluable role that Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) have in a leukaemia patient's journey. We want CNSs to know that they matter to patients, to charities and to other healthcare professionals.

Find out more about our #myCNSmatters campaign here.